Hassle-free home office and small business paper shredding.

Bag-N-Shred makes it easy for your residential, home office, and small business documents to be securely and confidentially shredded, for $19.90 per satchel!

Simply fill one of our satchels with your sensitive documents, seal it, and drop it off at any Post Office. Secure document destruction has never been so affordable and easy!

How does it work?

  1. Get a Bag-N-Shred satchel$19.90

    1. Get it

    We will send you a Bag-N-Shred satchel for $19.90

  2. Fill your Bag-N-Shred satchel

    2. Fill it

    Fill and seal the satchel with up to 5kg of documents

  3. Send at any Australia Post Post Office

    3. Send it

    Drop off your satchel at any Post Office

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Secure and affordable paper shredding

We will send you a satchel for $19.90. Fill it with up to 5kg of documents and drop it off at any Post Office.

When we receive your satchel we will use our industrial-strength shredding machines to confidentially destroy your documents.

Using Bag-N-Shred is a fast, safe and confidential alternative to buying and maintaining a shredder - our shredders use a cross-shredding technique to thoroughly destroy your sensitive documents.

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Bag-N-Shred is environmentally friendly

Easy and environmentally friendly

Your shredded documents will be turned in to recycled paper products such as cardboard boxes, toilet paper, hand towels, kitty litter and much more.

Want to get started but don't have a satchel? We can send you one now. Find out more about how it works.

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